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Woman Spends Hard Earned Income To Save A Goldfish


Woman Spends Hard Earned Income To Save A Goldfish

Photo by Anthorea

A British woman sets a trend by engaging in a selfless act. These kind of acts are rare and nothing but out of this world. Kimberly McBride spent over $500 to rescue her gold fish pet named ” Audrey ” from an intimidating condition. The 15-gram (0.52 Oz) gold fish had her mouth stuck by a pebble. It was an unfortunate and frightening case for the fish who took the pebble for a sweet snack and immediately it opened its mouth to consume the assumed-snack it couldn’t withdraw and became stuck.


Audrey had to be rushed to a veterinarian’s center where the owner was made to choose from a couple of difficult choices, to either let nature take its course and allow the precious animal die or have to part with a sizeable amount of money for an operation to be carried out with anesthetic to save the fish from the pebble – Fortunately for Audrey her owner obliged for an operation in order to save her from the painful experience. In order for Audrey to be saved her, her dimension and the pebble’s size had to be taken into consideration. 

Audrey is 6 centimeters long and the pebble that made its way diagonally through her mouth is measures 10 millimeters. Audrey tried to eat a pebble so big and was stuck. This caused her owner to pay 4,250 percent of her purchase value to save her life. How The Operation Was Carried Out Careful attention had to be paid during the course of the operation. In order not to press Audrey too hard there had to be a consciousness of how delicate she was throughout the operation. Anesthetics was first applied, a process where Audrey had to be induced to sleep using drugs. Immediately this was done she slept off and the veterinarian was able to analyze the situation from different angles, upon this final examination the pebble was removed.

This experience proved as a test and the result was positive not just about the health of the fish that had passed through a painful phase before being operated upon to get saved but for the bond she shared with her owner. The experience tested the love and the bond, her owner Kimberly looked past parting away with lots of money in order to save the fish, the delight and excitement she expressed after seeing the recovered fish was uncontrollable, she cried for joy and couldn’t hold her feelings.

The veterinary service center documented the operation and gave assurance that the fish had fully healed from the pain afterwards. It was great to see a fish that was previously unable to move as it struggled in pain swim around like nothing had happened. Several pictures of Audrey was taken and both the veterinarians and her owner were delighted it ended well without any complications.


IMG 3382Photo by k_millo

Now Audrey is completely restored and very active, let’s hope she doesn’t make the same error and then repeat the same scenario again.  

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1 Comment

  1. Jerrod Suiter

    October 26, 2016 at 6:43 am

    Some really good info , Gladiola I detected this.

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