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Winter Is Here! 10 Ways How To Protect Your Pet From Cold!


Winter Is Here! 10 Ways How To Protect Your Pet From Cold!

DogPhoto by krecimag

As the year passes by and the seasons keep changing, one should make sure we protect our health and also make sure we protect our pet’s health depending on the season.

As the winter season has come by, we need to plan to protect ourselves and our pets from cold. What are the basic ways to protect or safeguard our pets from cold? Well, below, I’ve mentioned ten different ways on how to protect pets from cold in the winter season:


  • Make sure that you buy a coat / sweater to your pet and you have your pet covered with the coat / sweater to protect them from cold
  • Make sure the pets are not kept outside of the houses or buildings during the winter season as it would be very chill in the winter and difficult to stay. If, for some reasons, you have to keep your pets outside the house / building, make sure you provide proper shelter to the pet during the winter season
  • As cold will be severe during nights in winter season, pay more attention to the pet’s shelter. Have campfire or some heating mechanism in place that will help in keeping the pets warm in the night
  • Feed pets with more food during the winter as they burn more energy during the winter season to stay warm. But monitor the food consumption of pets. It should not be high or it should not be less. It should be moderate that is required to keep the pet energized in the winter season
  • Keep your pets warm during the winter season as the cold climate makes the pets skin itchy and can lead to diseases / infection that occur often in winter to itchiness
  • Do not wash or bath your pets frequently during the winter season as it would cause the skin of the pets to be dried out and thus causing skin problems to the pets in the winter season. However, make sure that if you wash / bath them during winter, it is done in indoor and not outdoor and it is done with warm water. This would at least avoid the pet from the coldness outdoor during the wash. After bath, make sure the pets are cleaned well with the cloth / towels and dry them using the dryers. Do a clean check of the body and it is dried completely
  • Do not take your dogs to walk along with you during the winter season to avoid cold. Alternatively, limit the walks to a shorter distance with the pets in the cold season
  • Have the medicines available with you every time during the winter season. Medicines that are required during the winter to protect from cold should be handy. Have your pets vaccinated with the season vaccines as a precaution from getting seasonal health issues or problems
  • Avoid cutting or trimming or shaving your pet’s hair during the winter season as the hair acts as one layer of coat / sweater to the pets and keep the pets warm in the winter season

TiggerPhoto by Howard Hecht

  • Have pets taken to the veterinary doctor or physician for normal check-ups during the cold season as a precaution measure




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