Wild Animals As Pets

Wild Animals As Pets

Wild animals can make good pets, but first, they have to be tamed i.e. they have to be made accustomed to living within the everyday human population.  

Skunks - Oh So Cute....:) 06-27-16

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It should be noted that wild animals are not traditionally built to live with the human population, if they must be taken from the wild, the best place to keep them is the zoo, and zoos are managed by professional biologists who are particular trained persons that can handle their varying wild antics while in enclosure.

You should carry out an extensive research of your intended wild animal as to learn every concise bit of detail about a species that you plan to keep, also since an owner would have no way of knowing what diseases the animal had been exposed to when it was in the wild they should be examined by a veterinarian before taking home. Wild animals when not properly treated and then introduced to your home could infect a household with transmittable diseases which they are notable carriers of, such as rabies, ticks, parasites etcetera.

Demands for these animals are mostly linked their star statuses obtained from movies, the TV and social media amongst other media platforms; like the demand for turtles because of the heroic nature of the ninja turtles which is a Television series.

Being an exotic pet owner can be very expensive and tasking, you would have to duplicate every little detail of their natural habitat as it is in the wild in your home. Wild animals should not be kept in our house, because they may become dangerous as they mature. Also it should be noted that the stress worked on the animal as a result of being transported from the wild to your home can often makes it sick and might even lead to its death.

The Most Common Wild Species That People Keep As Pets:

  1. Skunk – If these animals are left alone too long without stimulation, they can become destructive, no thanks to their long claws. These pets are extremely affectionate, active and curious. Skunks may seem like little stinkers, but the domesticated skunk is raised in captivity and is has no scent, so the animal is not going to spray humans.
  2. Foxes – Searching for a pet that that looks but has a different behavioral pattern from a cat or dog? Then you can consider the fox. But even after making them more “human-friendly” you should never disremember the fact that they are still wild animals. They are curious and smart animals and need to be mentally occupied consistently with lots of activities. Their dietary needs are complex and require the same vaccines as do a dog.
  3. Degus – The degus is a rodent and related to the guinea pigs, they are small and wouldn’t require much space; their cages could be rather small.

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They are crazy munchers and could eat just about anything, even diets that can be really harmful to them. You can feed them vegetables and seeds.