Two Dogs Died Because Their Owner Fed Them Only With Cookies

Two Dogs Died Because Their Owner Fed Them Only With Cookies

A shocking incident happened to two poor dogs in Dulwich, South east London, where their owner, Keith Davis, had ignored advice on how to look after his two dear border collies and fed them chocolate, which resulted in their death.


The man has nearly missed going to prison after his two dogs died because of their malnutrition. The man ignored the advice given to him in relation to taking care of his two collies and continued to feed them with Jaffa Cakes cookies and Kit Kat chocolates, which is deadly to dogs, and milk, which is identified as being one of the foods that destroy their digestive system. Davis, a man aged 62, had the collies named Jenny and Lolly under a very disproportionate and inappropriate diet, which included Jaffa Cakes and milk for breakfast followed by digestive biscuits and Kit-Kats.

The UK’s largest animal welfare  charity, RSPCA, was reported of the incident last April and became very  concerned for Jenny and Lolly’s welfare. Jenny was hospitalised to a local charity in a terrible condition and passed away as soon as she was brought. Lolly was suffering as well, and the RSPCA had done their best to take her to the hospital. However, the bad nutrition had caused her liver and kidney failure and had to be put to sleep.

Both dogs were in a very bad condition as they were vomiting bile. Their living conditions were not good either, as they had matted coats which were covered in excrement and filth. Both dogs were diagnosed with obesity because of the terrible diet that Davis put them under.In interviewing RSPCA about the incident, RSPCA inspector Callum Isitt said that despite the fact that these poor dogs were extremely unwell, they had not been taken to a vet for treatment and were instead left to suffer until they died.

Although advice was continuously given to the owner by another charity foundation about how to treat and take care for the dogs, Davis ignored them and instead decided that it is best to feed them a diet of cakes and milk for breakfast, and cookies and Kit-Kats for dinner. However, chocolate and other sweets are poisonous for dogs and it was a major contributing factor for the creation of their poor health. Apart from that, the dogs were not taken to a vet for medical help and assistance until it was too late. If they had proper medical treatment, the dogs would have been alive, as it was very obvious how unwell these poor dogs were.

Davies, after being arrested and prosecuted, has been convicted of animal welfare offences and was banned from owning animals for life. He was further sentenced to prison for 112 days, which was suspended for 12 months.

KitKat chocolate wafer bars, one of many Nestle products. (Photo by: Newscast/UIG via Getty Images)

RSPCA inspector Callum Isitt said that Owning an animal is a privilege and that he is very pleased that in this instance this man will not be able to own one again,  which will prevent suffering to future animals.