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Top 15 Most Bizarre And Ugliest Animals In The World


Top 15 Most Bizarre And Ugliest Animals In The World

There are many animal species on our planet. Mother Nature has been generous to some, like for cats being super cute and fluffy while others – like for these weird animals we will discuss today, they are so unlucky – weird and ugly! Check out these weird and bizarre animals!

1.Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Poodle MothPhoto by DrPhotoMoto

This bizarre animal is covered with white fluffy hair, with funky antennae that grows on its head and large black eyes. They were first seen in 2009 and to this day almost nothing is known about them. The name derives from a comparison of its shape that looks like a cross between a poodle and a moth. Even though zoologists inquired with scientists hoping to identify this animal, no one has yet been able to successfully identify it. The first observable feature about this animal is no phony concoction like the dogerpillar and jackalope. It’s scary, cute and furry appearance is totally in line with what’s expected for a neotropical ornamental moth.


Scientists later found a similar photo of a white and fuzzy animal known as Diaphora mendica or muslin moth


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