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Top 15 Most Amazing And Unusual Crab Species In The World


Top 15 Most Amazing And Unusual Crab Species In The World

Crabs are considered to be crustaceans. It is reported that there are over 4,500 described and they are widely known for having very short and projecting tails and abdomens which are hidden in their thorax. There is a variety of crabs and can be found in rivers, deep sea or even in tropical coral reefs, as they are adaptable animals that prosper in a variety of habitats. Here are some of the most incredible crab species.

1. The Flower Moon Crab moon_crab The flower moon crab mostly resides within the tropical waters of Australia and the Indo-Pacific areas. They are mostly inhabited in sandy sea grass surfaces starting from low tides and to a depth of approximately fifteen metres. This species more active in the night and spends most of the day buried under the sea sand. They are distinguished from the other crabs because of their rounded beige to yellow shell which has a pair of extended spines on either side.  The flower moon crabs tend to hold their pincers very close to their body as box crabs do. They also look similar to the swimming crabs because of their flattened shell. Despite these, they have flattened limbs as well, with rear leg paddles for their swimming, digging, and burrowing backward.


Their rear limbs do not have fringing hairs as the other crab species and provides it the ability to dig further.

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