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Top 11 Largest Domesticated Cat Breeds In The World


Top 11 Largest Domesticated Cat Breeds In The World

Maine-Coon-Katze / Coon CatPhoto by svenwalter

Cats are very playful and beautiful creatures. Even the largest cat breeds are lovely and everybody admires them. Here the largest domesticated cat breeds in the world are listed out.


1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon is considered to be the largest cat in the world. Usually it measures up to 25 Ibs. The male Maine Coon is bigger than the female one which measure up to 12lbs. Their body is long and muscular with a long tail. Maine Coon has a large head and its chest is broad, as well. Its coat is very long and impressive, so whenever you look at it it’s like a little lion. The color of its coat is usually brown, but these cats can also come in different colors, such as black, blue and silver, white, red. Maine Coon is really a beautiful cat breed and not everybody has seen it. It makes a great impact on people due to its features and extraordinary long tail.

2. Savannah

SAV Sierra from BundasPhoto by Nickolas Titkov


Savannah is a hybrid cat. Weighing up to 20 Ibs or may be more, it is a large cat developed by crossing an African Serval with a domestic cat. In general Savannah is very active and feels itself confident. Comparing with the other domestic cats, it is taller and adores climbing. It’s due to its active character that it loves such activities. Savannah can have different patterns of colors, but mostly it come is a golden color covered with black spots. Savannah is also a very loyal cat and will love the family that takes care of him. You just need to devote him a little time and train him. This will make this cat happier and your bond stronger than ever.

3. Ragamuffin

What are you up to?Photo by Takashi(aes256)

This is really a large cat breed. It is a variant of Ragdoll cat. Usually Ragamuffin cats are very fluffy and are known for their wonderful character. They can be an incredible companion for your whole family as despite their large size they are very docile and affectionate. They will listen to your orders and get your trainings very easily. Do you wonder whether they like other pets or not? Sure, they like. Ragamuffin cats get along with other cat breeds and not only. Dogs can also be their lovely friends. The male Ragamuffing weighs up to 20 Ibs, while the female one up to 15 Ibs. As they have fluffy and silky coats, they appear bigger and may come mostly in every color.

4. Ragdoll

Game over!Photo by nhartvig

Ragdolls have a very calm nature. Though they are large and have an impressive look, they obey their owners easily. Getting along with little children and other pets is not a problem at all. They love the family they live in, so the devotion toward their owners will be seen from the first day of their adoption. Ragdolls can weigh up to 20 Ibs, but if it is a female Ragdoll, then it weighs between 8 and 15 Ibs. Their paws are large and the chest is broad. Their body is quite long and muscular. Ragdolls can come in the following colors – seal, blue, lilac and chocolate. This is breed is also unique due to its blue and sparkling eyes that are very impressive.

5. British Shorthair

British shorthairPhoto by kishjar?

This breed is imported to Britain from Egypt. It is considered as one of the old cat breeds in the world. Imported in the first century A.D, it has a lovely appearance and everybody likes this breed. Actually, it weighs between 7 and 17 Ibs. It has very strong legs and shoulders, while its chest is deep and body is muscular. British Shorthair has quite short and dense coat which is attractive at the same time. Mostly they come in blue-grey colors, but they can also have other colorings such as brown, black, white, silver, cream and blue. The physical maturity of the British Shorthair comes to its completion only when it becomes up to 5 years old. This cat breed is really wonderful and due to its features everybody likes and cuddles with it.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

Though Norwegian forest cat is a very large domesticated cat, it can also be a lovely pet for your whole family including children.  The males of this breed are very large in size covered with beautiful, dense coat. They can weigh more than 16.5 Ibs, while females are smaller comparing to males. They measure up to 8.8 Ibs. These cats have no difficulty to climb or jump. They have a deep chest, big paws and their legs are muscular. Their head is triangle-shaped but the most impressive feature is their double coat that can have various colors. They come in black, blue, red, silver, cream, brown and golden colors. The coat of Norwegian Forest cats keep them warm in cold winter, so besides giving them a real beauty, that coat means much more.

7. Turkish Van

Profiled CatPhoto by Pasi Mammela

Turkish Van is a well-known breed among everybody. It has developed in Turkey from the ancient times. When this breed is fully matured, it can weigh up to 16 pounds and many more. But its maturity doesn’t come so fast. It will always take from 3 to 5 years by a Turkish Van to become a matured domesticated cat. Its body is very muscular, long and well-built. Besides, it has broad shoulders. Despite its large size this cat feels very active through a day. It will also have much energy to engage in different activities. It also loves to learn new tricks, games, to play in the water and many more. Another specific reason to love this cat is that it has different eye colorings – one of them is blue, the other one is green.

8. Siberian Cat

Hva ser du?Photo by johan.seland

This cat breed comes from Russia and people know about its existence for 1000 years. The Siberian cat is considered to be the national cat breed of Russia. It has long, fluffy and thick coat which can have various colors and different combinations. When you look at a Siberian cat you see that its body is well-built and it is strong and large. When a male is fully grown, it can measure up to 11 Ibs. But don’t forget that Siberian cat grows very slowly. Only after 5 years they become fully matured. This cat has also many similarities with Norwegian Forest cat. Though they are large enough, Siberian cats have a very sweet appearance. They are also considered as strong jumpers.

9. Chartreux

Evie IPhoto by mccun934

This kind of cat breed is very unique. It weighs up to 7-10 Ibs and it is also one of the largest breeds worldwide. Chartreux breed is not an exception – it also grows slowly which takes more than 4-5 years. When it reaches in its full size, you can notice a very muscular body with large shoulders and deep chest. The blue-grey coat is one of the interesting features of this cat. But the coat of females is thinner comparing to males’ coats. Besides, this breed has a very attractive color shades. It can become a very friendly companion in almost every family as Chartreux is quite calm and loves to be surrounded by people. This cat isn’t prone to many diseases, except polycystic kidney disease.

10. Chausie

This cat breed is very large and it is a hybrid cat that developed crossing a domestic cat with a jungle cat. When Chausie is fully grown, it can weigh up to 15 Ibs. It has a deep chest, very long and athletic body, long legs and impressive ears. It can come in three different colors, such as black, black ticked tabby and grizzled tabby. This breed is very healthy and is not prone to diseases. They are very energetic and can jump and hunt amazingly. Chausies don’t like to be alone. They prefer to be surrounded by other cats or people. This cat breed is very loyal and sometime may not feel well when re-homed.  They can also get along with dogs.

11. Highlander

Kimba PortraitPhoto by Karamellzucker

Highlanders are still in the development process. But their large size is evident even under that period. This breed can weigh up to 11 kg and can have both long and short hair. Its attractive feature is its curled ears. This breed is created crossing the Desert Lynx with the Jungle Curl. Its tail is short and has black marking on its coat. Despite its big sizes, highlander loves humans and can be a great companion. It is very playful and friendly with everybody. It likes to drink water very much and has a muscular and strong body. You can also notice a long forehead and a wide nose when you examine Highlander. This cat breed is a pretty healthy breed, so it doesn’t have any problems concerning to health.


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