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Top 11 Most Intelligent Animals In The World


Top 11 Most Intelligent Animals In The World

The most intelligent creatures in the world are humans. But there are some species of animals that show intelligence and are considered to be the smartest ones in the world. Find out which animals they are and how it is possible for them to be smarter than other species.

1. Dolphins

5 dolphins_Save_these_beautiful_creaturesPhoto by J. D. Ebberly

According to many scientists dolphins can be considered very smart animals and they can be even compared to humans. The study has shown that their brain has the same complicated folds which enable them to be very intelligent creatures. Dolphins have large brains structured for different emotions. Many intellectual traits have been taken but the intelligence of dolphins is closely related to their brain. They are capable of self- awareness and this is such feature that not all species posses. Being well known in aquatic shows dolphins are able to learn very complex tricks performing an incredible show and following their trainer’s instructions.


They can interact with the audience easily, ask for food and respond to people. Dolphins are very kind hearted and value people who treat them tenderly.

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