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Top 11 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World


Top 11 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

Dogs are man’s best friend. Although different people keep them for different reasons, there are many different breeds. The following is a breed of the most beautiful breeds in the world.

1. Pomeranian

IMG 0399Photo by youngthousands

One of the most beautiful and impressive dogs in the world is Pomeranian. It is a small dog breed originally bred as a large sled dog. In the 19 century it was reduced to small size through the breeding. Many people call this breed “poms”. It has a height of 7-12 inches and weighs between 1.3-3.3 kg. You can find this breed in many colors that include sable, brown, orange, red, black, cream and blue. It has an original and distinctive appearance due to its outer coat which is dense, straight and coarse.


Especially its neck is very unique and leaves a great impact on people. Pomeranian is very active and meanwhile intelligent and if you are single it can be your best companion.

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