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Top 10 Weirdest Animals That Exist On Earth!


Top 10 Weirdest Animals That Exist On Earth!

There are many great animals around the world. Across the entire globe are wonderful works of creatures, some we are familiar with others we may not but it’s undeniable that animals are wonderful works created by nature. An important reality dawn on animal lovers is that more and more life species are discovered almost regularly, and there’s more to see. While there’s more to see when it comes to animals, anyone would be fascinated by very spooky creatures. Yes, spooky creatures. There are many adorable creatures, but the spooky and bizarre ones can be very fascinating, here’s a list of the top ten bizarre animals that exists on earth, they include:

1. Chinese Water Deer Chinese Water buckPhoto by greensnapper2015

The Chinese Water Deer looks bizarre but is a simple creature. It is a deer with distinctive tusks which it utilizes in protecting itself from attacks. This bizarre-looking creature is located in China, North Korea, United Kingdom, Argentina, France and the United States and has an average lifespan of 10 years. It is a small animal that resembles a musk deer and are often seen around regions close to rivers. The trees where they inhabit help them remain secure by shielding them from being easily sighted. Though they may be referred as water deer they also inhabit mountains and grasslands. They can swim for some miles.


The water deer’s prominent set of teeth grows for several centimeters. It reaches 8cm compared with its remaining set of teeth that grows to a height less than a centimeter.

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