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Top 10 Terrifying Sea Monsters


Top 10 Terrifying Sea Monsters

There are numerous creatures that live in the sea. All of us are familiar with the dangerous sharks and stingrays. But not many know of the scariest creatures that are present in those deep waters. These creatures live at the depths of the sea and usually never come to the surface due to which there have been very less sightings. There are only a few such creatures known to man. There might be several species whose existence is not even known. Let me enumerate ten of the scariest sea creatures here.

1.Stargazer Fish

Photo by Paul Flandinette

Named due to the presence of the eyes on the top of their heads making it look like they are staring at the sky. Not only is the eyes, their mouth also is placed upward. Their scientific even means “speckled one who aims at the stars” (when put together in an order that makes sense). They cover themselves in the sand which they are similar in color to at the bottom of the sea and ambush their prey when it passes by. These creatures are venomous, having two large venomous spines.


Some species also produce electric shocks. They use these spines to stun prey and ward off predators.  Just imagine this creature jumping out all of a sudden.

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