Top 10 Terrifying Sea Monsters

Top 10 Terrifying Sea Monsters

There are numerous creatures that live in the sea. All of us are familiar with the dangerous sharks and stingrays. But not many know of the scariest creatures that are present in those deep waters. These creatures live at the depths of the sea and usually never come to the surface due to which there have been very less sightings. There are only a few such creatures known to man. There might be several species whose existence is not even known. Let me enumerate ten of the scariest sea creatures here.

1.Frilled Shark


Though humans rarely see it, the Frilled shark is mainly seen in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This eel-like shark was first discovered in the 19th century, but was first seen recently in 2004. Considered to be an old species, it is not as well developed as the other common sharks. It has been commonly confused with sea serpents due to its eel-like appearance. This creature has a whopping 7500 pointed teeth, each tooth having three pointed projections. These teeth are usually used to help consume cuttlefish, octopi, squid, and even other sharks. As for reproduction, their gestation period is also insane coming in at up to 78 months (six and a half years!). If this shark isn’t scary, then what is?

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