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Top 10 Deadliest Animals In Australia


Top 10 Deadliest Animals In Australia

There are many dangerous animals in Australia but only the deadliest ones make this top 10 list. Australia is very beautiful but can be deadly at the same time. If you decide to ignore geography’s warnings while visiting Australia, you may pay a high price to your own ignorance. Look out for signs warning against sharks, jellyfish, saltwater crocs and other creatures. Don’t swim alone, and for goodness sake, swim between the flags! Most animals only attack if provoked, so keep out of their way and they’ll keep out of yours. On the list the most dangerous Australian animals are investigated.

1. Sea Snakes

Olive Sea SnakePhoto by Tchami

There are 32 species of sea snakes in Australian waters, and while they usually aren’t aggressive, they have deadly venom that is more toxic than the poison of land snakes. Normally found in shallow water, sea snakes are curious creatures and are known to become fascinated by other long, snake-like objects. Provoked snakes can become aggressive and persistent, although they are normally only aggressive during the mating season in winter. Once bitten, you won’t be in much pain until after about 30 minutes. Then you will feel stiffness, muscle aches, jaw spasms and pain in the affected limb.


This is followed by the usual drowsiness and respiratory paralysis. Luckily there is an anti-venom available but it’s probably better to avoid these snakes altogether.

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