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Top 10 Cutest Animal Babies Of All Time


Top 10 Cutest Animal Babies Of All Time

There are a lot of animals on our planet but some of them are so cute that you just can’t ignore them. Well there are some dangerous one’s too but for now let’s take a look at some of the cute baby animals of all time.

1. Kittens

Photo by imarksm

Without a doubt kittens are the cutest animal babies on earth. Just like pups, kittens also can’t see at the time of their birth and it takes 10 days for them to open their eyes. Kittens start growing quickly after two weeks of their birth. Kittens need a lot of care from their mother as they are very sensitive. Initially the mother feeds them its own milk which protects them from a lot of diseases. Once they learn how to walk, they become very playful and learn a lot through playing. It takes one year for a kitten to become a cat.


Persian cat is said to be the cutest. It’s very fluffy. Kittens are very loveable and when you see a little kitten try to be very gentle as they need time to adapt you.

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