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Top 10 Most Beautiful Albino Animals


Top 10 Most Beautiful Albino Animals

Albinism in biology is the “Congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in a person, animal or plant, resulting in white hair and pink eyes in mammals. Albinism can reduce the survivability of an animal” (as defined by Wipipedia). Up till now, there are many albino animals found in over the world. Most of them are rare. Some of them are very beautiful. Here are the most beautiful albino animals listed out.
1. Snowy Hummingbird

Albino HummingbirdPhoto by Dave W.


Hummingbird or snowy hummingbird or snowy-bellied hummingbird is a small bird. This kind of bird is about 10 cm long. It is found in eastern North America such as Costa Rica, Panama and north –western Colombia. A normal hummingbird has metallic green head and upper chest, white lower chest and belly. For an albino hummingbird, it is absolutely white but it has a ruby throat or red eyes. Many albino hummingbirds are wanted and hunted by predators. But normally and luckily, they are very fast and strong to fly away from predators. It is said that a snowy hummingbird can fly across the Gulf of Mexico without any stop due to its extensive energy reserves. It is really an amazing fact.

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