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Tilikum’s Story And The Results Of The Captivity


Tilikum’s Story And The Results Of The Captivity

DSC 1756Photo by HockeyholicAZ

According to SeaWorld Orlando, Tilikum has already died. It was the most famous orca worldwide. The documentary “Blackfish” often prompted SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas in captivity.


Tilikum was 36 years old and had some serious health issues and suffered from them for many months. A lot of medicines and therapies were taken, but the orca suffered from a very complicated bacterial lung infection. All the trainers and veterinarians were doing their best to prevent him, but it was impossible and the orca dies on Friday morning.

According to The Associates Press, Tilikum weighed more than 11,000 pounds and he was 22 feet long. He was born in the deep waters of Iceland and was in captivity at the Sealand of the Pacific and then at SeaWorld Orlando. Having more than 20 calves, he very often showed an aggressive behavior because of which many people had died. One of them was a trainer who drowned another is a man who was found dead in his tank. He also killed SeaWorld trainer called Dawn Brancheau. He hold her under the water until she died of drowning, then a blunt force trauma occurred.

After such cases, an urgent question arose whether Tilikum should be put down or he should go on performing.  In 2013, the documentary film called “Blackfish” confirmed the aggressive behavior of the orca and the former trainers of SeaWorld criticized orcas saying they were very dangerous for everybody, especially for the trainers. They said that this behavior is because of the trauma of the captivity and all of such cases were because of the stress.

It has always been protested that the killer whales should be kept in captivity and after the release of this documentary film, all people have become against marine parks. According to NPR’s Greg Allen, orcas are intelligent and many activists are against SeaWorld. The park has very few visitors as the public reaction has really had a great impact. Finally, SeaWorld’s CEO Joel Manby announced that the company would end the orca breeding program at the park.


The end of the orca breeding program has been accepted by everybody and all the trainers, including Jeffrey Ventre and three other former SeaWorld trainers, announced, “At last, Tilikum’s message was heard and we are all happy to know about this. We send a great love to Tilikum”. All the trainers of Seaworld wanted to release Tilikum back to the deep waters, but SeaWorld said it couldn’t survive after the captivity.  Tim Zimmerman was the producer of “Blackfish” and told Greg that everybody was very fond of Tilikum, though he had killed 3 people. According to him everybody who learns his life story, just sympathizes with him as they all understand that he was just the victim of the captivity!

Hopefully there will never be such cases as the animals are not responsible for the aggressive behavior they will show. All these cases happen because of the captivity and people should understand that animals are like humans who just want to be free!


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