They Thought He Was Dead. But His Recovery Will Amaze You!

They Thought He Was Dead. But His Recovery Will Amaze You!

Dog found in paralytic state and concealed by flies restored to full health within a couple of months after considered dead. Very few things in life are exceptional. When these exceptional occurrences happen, they inspire a lot of feelings.


Image by: Animal Aid Unlimited, India

In fact it attracts different reactions for people as different people express themselves differently about this kind of scenarios. An example of this kind of occurrence is the case of a dog found in a paralytic state with a thick mass of flies concealing it, after being considered dead, the dog recovers and regain its health within a couple of months. Follow this touching story about a dog’s journey to recovering after near death experience.Observers assumed the dog was dead when it was found, thick cloud of flies covered it as it laid down helplessly without making any sound or motion. It laid down in its critical state at a car park. They picked him up and was rushed to the hospital for check-up. Compared to the state the dog was discovered it make an exceptional come back, within a couple of months the dog recovers fully and is rejuvenated. The journey of Oliver, as he’s now called is a great inspiration not just to pet lovers but to everyone that could take a lesson or two from this experience. His resilience was remarkable and unprecedented because even while he was under intensive care he also fought for himself, being a vulnerable pet exposed to extreme weather conditions without care in an open space under a very cold weather the recovery is worthy of praise and more. This is so because when the dog was found and taken for medical care his vitals were not encouraging. His temperature was critically low and breathing was very weak. The situation was very bad because he was extremely cold and he needed heat in order to get the very high temperature down, his body temperature was reduced by filling up plastic bottles with warm water and placing them gently around his body and then wrapping him with a thick covering after his temperature stabilized Iv fluids were administered. This was another turning point because the administration of the IV fluids helped him recover from dehydration. It worked perfectly because a few hours after administering the IV fluids he started to show signs of movement an action he had not carried out for months. It was like he came out of a very lengthy coma; he lifted up his head and gazed around the room he was. In trying to probe further he tried to stand but couldn’t. It took considerable time, effort and will power from every member of the team to help him recover.

Video by: Animal Aid Unlimited, India

It was a touching moment for everyone but Oliver had to be cared for further because he exhibited signs of acute respiratory issues. He fought a good fight and he won he finally turned around the corner with his stunning recovery. His story is a touching and inspiring one


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