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The Slow Loris- One Of The Cutest Animals In The World


The Slow Loris- One Of The Cutest Animals In The World

Sunda slow lorisPhoto by 31dec

The Slow loris must be one of the cutest creatures on the planet. They are native to large swathes of Asia and are very popular in Japan, where they are kept as they’re easy to keep – they don’t cry, they’re small, and just very cute. But they are wild animals and now very endangered because of being among the most popular pets in the world.


But despite their cuddly cute and appearance, this little animal can bite really hard and will hold tenaciously. Today slow loris remains in just a very small population in the wild.  Slow loris is the only venomous primate species on the planet. Studies have shown that this species produces a special kind of poison, from the brachial gland on its arm. 

After being mixed with slime, it can keep its natural predators off. Mothers also cover their babies with slime when they leave them, also to protect them of predators.  It may also bite as a way of delivering the poison. The poison gets into the slime when the animal licks its glands. The narrow spaces between the teeth of the toothcomb in the lower jaw act as capillaries drawing the slime and poison into a biting target.

Slow Loris As Pet

The slow lorises, as its name suggests, are slow-moving primates that are very small in size. All these factors together with the cute looks may make you think that you can be a good pet owner for them. With so many animal species being added to the list of the exotic pet’s list species and it is natural for you think that these animals can be great pets.


There are many people who get attracted by this animal on the internet, because there are many videos of slow lorises posted almost everywhere. These videos that show docile slow lorises have a high viewership, so the docile animals, as shown in the videos, may prompt people to want that pet right now. Is a slow loris ideal as a pet? Before wanting to buy one, you must know why they are not suitable as usual pets.

As being native species to Southeast Asia, their diet includes rare plants and fruits from exactly particular region, so it will be difficult to provide these animals their natural food. Even though they can eat different foods like bananas and rice, it is said that diet may cause serious health problems. And because it is illegal to keep this animal as a pet, you cannot even provide a vet if needed. So you may either let your pet to die without proper treatment or land up with a hefty fine.

Slow lorises can spray urine all over the enclosure leading to a horrible stink, and, unlike cats and dogs they can’t be trained to save your house from this stink. They have a very strong body smell that may be too much for many. Their dwindling population is caused by wildlife trade and habitat loss. 

A slow loris i think.Photo by niel schubert

Besides they are hunted and sold as exotic pets because many people are using them for making some traditional medicines. Captive breeding did not give the greatest results since now, so the easiest option is to catch the wild ones.



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