What's with the long face
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Photo by The 5th Ape Horses have served for decades to a lot of man’s purposes. Horses have made man achieve many things they couldn’t have done in ...

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There are many great animals around the world. Across the entire globe are wonderful works of creatures, some we are familiar with others we may not but it’s ...

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Since first learning about dinosaurs and other frightening prehistoric creatures, one always stood out, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This monstrous creature stuck in our minds for several reasons, but ...

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Especially after the years preceding the Industrial Revolution, a significant number of animals have been extinct.  Since so many have been extinct, these are the most incredible and ...

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There may be many more “extinct” animals waiting to be rediscovered than conservation biologists previously thought. Categorizing an animal species as extinct has rested upon two criteria: It ...

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There are many cute, cuddly animals on earth that appear like they would make the perfect pet. It will seem to you that they are the kindest and ...

African Grey Parrot
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Photo by Keith Allison Birds that talk are always fun to have as pets, but some are better at talking and thinking than others, some bird species have ...