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According to SeaWorld Orlando, Tilikum has already died. It was the most famous orca worldwide. The documentary “Blackfish” often prompted SeaWorld to stop breeding orcas in captivity. Photo ...

Search and Rescue German Shepherd
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Animals are our best companions and entrusted friends. Sometimes we don’t even imagine our life without them. They are always ready to hug us in their arms and ...

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Photo by Anthorea A British woman sets a trend by engaging in a selfless act. These kind of acts are rare and nothing but out of this world. ...

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Pets have been keeping humans company for over ten thousand years and have always been valued for their loyalty. Even before scientist could prove the health benefits of ...

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All the animals do share very remarkable and distinct characteristics. Sometimes though these characteristics turn out to be really fun. Here are some of these fun and exciting ...

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This is a story about an incredible friendship between a man and a fish.For 25 years, an Asian sheepshead wrasse living off the coast of Japan ,has been ...

Poodle Moth
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There are many animal species on our planet. Mother Nature has been generous to some, like for cats being super cute and fluffy while others – like for ...

Asian giant softshell turtle
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It is sad to look at these creatures knowing that they are the last survivors of their kind. We should  honor these last few survivors as, for many, ...

A saltwater aquarium can be described as a tank filled with saltwater – the tank is usually with glass borders on all sides – inside which aquatic plants ...

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A fresh water aquarium can be described as a tank filled with fresh water – the tank is usually with glass borders on all sides – inside which ...