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Photo by Shot in a Frame Raccoons are interesting creatures. Just look through these 10 facts and know more about them: Raccoon also known as coon or as ...

Lily !
Animals Cats
Photo by dalecruse It is funny how the mystery of the cat’s nose has been ignored. Nevertheless, had you the ability you would have this jocose fact entered ...

Kitsune in thought - Akita inu
Animals Dogs
Photo by Jeremy G. Photography Are you a dog lover? Do you think they are the cutest animals in the world? Of course, you may be a great ...

CRUFTS: Bulldog
Photo by ALEX GOOI Bulldogs are one of the most loved dog species worldwide. Many people adopt them as they are so adorable and pleasant.  But why are ...

What's with the long face
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Photo by The 5th Ape Horses have served for decades to a lot of man’s purposes. Horses have made man achieve many things they couldn’t have done in ...

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All the animals do share very remarkable and distinct characteristics. Sometimes though these characteristics turn out to be really fun. Here are some of these fun and exciting ...

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Photo by hikinghillman Caterpillars are commonly known as the sometimes fuzzy larva versions of butterflies. However, there are probably plenty of things you probably don’t know about these ...

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Photo by foshydog Dogs are considered to be the most loved companions in the world. But do you know that dogs are complex creatures? Have you ever wondered ...

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Animals Dogs Pets
Photo by localpups Dogs are so important in our lives these days that we call them “man’s best friend” or our “fur babies”. Many of us could not ...

Peacock spider
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Photo by jeans_Photos These Australian peacock spiders may be small but they are also the most spectacular, colorful and cutest spiders in the world. With their ornately-colored bodies, ...