Yellow feather star, Fiji
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Photo by Derek Keats Many people in the world are wondering if there are aliens anywhere in the universe. We have many questions about aliens. Do they really ...

Sitting in the grass
If you keep a dog at your house or just like to play with them whenever you see them in the street, you should know some signals that ...

Photo by gwaar A few weeks ago more than 70 giant stingrays were found dead. The causes may be various. It’s not yet clear why that has happened ...

5 dolphins_Save_these_beautiful_creatures
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The most intelligent creatures in the world are humans. But there are some species of animals that show intelligence and are considered to be the smartest ones in ...

Puff The Bearded Dragon
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Sometimes you come across such creatures that you think they are not real at all. They seem so extraordinary that you think they are from legends or underworld. ...

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Almost all animals are embodiments of kindness. They need our help and we should take care about them whenever they are in need. Of course, there are so ...

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With the help of the technology over the years, scientists can use prosthetics to help amputated animals. It has also given pet owners a chance to save their ...

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Almost every day we see a new animal on the not so pleasant endangered animals list. And in 99% of the time the activity of us humans are ...

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Lots of people from different parts of the world enjoy playing with Pokémon figures and monsters, amassing them to add to their collection, but most people do not ...

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There are many great animals around the world. Across the entire globe are wonderful works of creatures, some we are familiar with others we may not but it’s ...