A few weeks ago more than 70 giant stingrays were found dead. The causes may be various. It’s not yet clear why that has happened but according to ...

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Dog found in paralytic state and concealed by flies restored to full health within a couple of months after considered dead. Very few things in life are exceptional. ...

A zebra is pulled from a lake in Toki, Gifu prefecture, central Japan Wednesday, March 23, 2016. The zebra that was on the loose on a Japanese golf course for hours has died after it was chased around by a dozen men including police officers, likely drowning after being shot by tranquilizer dart and plunging into the lake. (Naoya Osato/Kyodo News via AP)  JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT
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“When we deny pain, our body pays the price.” Something kindred has happened to the silent living beings who cannot stand up for themselves, who are held captive ...

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The death of a high-profile animal can be devastating. Such deaths occur due to lack of ability in human beings to coexist with other earthlings. Moreover, we people ...

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It was just another day as Judy Obregon drove towards her mother-in-law’s house in Texas. All of a sudden, in the middle of the road, she noticed a ...

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Born in 1974 Tyke was taken from her family and settled in the circus. She lived in a horrible place walking on pins and needles every day. And ...

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A research team recently set out to investigate a myth: do crows mourn their dead? When a crow dies, its group will often gather around the body. Photo ...