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Singapura Cat – All You Should Know About This Beautiful Creature


Singapura Cat – All You Should Know About This Beautiful Creature

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Everybody has his own preferences when it comes to choose a cat. Many people like to have such cats that have original looks and characteristics. However, there are many non standard cats that when you see you can’t keep your surprise. Singapura cats are among these types that make people to be surprised about them.


The Singapura cat has three interesting characteristics that are not common for the other cats: it has a small size ranging from 4 to 8 pounds, his ears and eyes are large compared to his body and he has a sepia-toned coat that is very original when you look at him for the first time. Developed in the 1970s in Singapore, the Singapura cat is known to be very active. He always makes people remember about him spreading his voice in the house. He adores climbing curtains and whenever you decide to go out he will jump on your shoulder in order to accompany you.

He doesn’t like to be alone, that’s why he wants to follow you everywhere. If you feel alone, then the Singapura cat will fill your emptiness. After playing he will prefer to become a lap cat and share your bed. He is a great friend when the weather is rainy and you want someone to hang out with. The Singapura cat loves people very much. He adores playing children and his favorite game is fetch. This cat is not shy at all. He will welcome your guests with his great heart and will try to play with them.

He is a very curious breed, so each new person is very interesting for him and he strives for becoming a lovely cat for everybody. Are your friends at your home? Then the Singapura will never leave you. He liked to be a part of the company and considers himslef as a family member. In order to keep your cat healthy, then you need to brush his teeth and prevent him from the periodontal disease. You should be very careful to his daily dental hygiene, besides you need to trim his nails every 2 weeks.

You should also wipe the corners of the Singapura’s eyes with a damp cloth to remove any discharge. For another eye you must use another cloth as this will help you to prevent the risk of spreading any kind of infection. Another important step towards his hygiene is checking his ears every week. If they are dirty, then wipe them out with a cotton ball but be very careful, so that you won’t damage the interior of his ears. In general, all the cats are particularly attentive to their bathroom hygiene. So, keep his litter box as clean as possible. The Singapura cat is an indoor cat and you shouldn’t let him live outside.


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This will protect him from diseases that can be spread by the other animals. Besides, he will be attacked by larger animals or may be hit by a car. Also take into account that somebody will steal this beautiful cat. Many people would like to own him due to his beauty and original color!

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