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A Sick Fish Gets A Second Chance Thanks To A Brand New Wheelchair


A Sick Fish Gets A Second Chance Thanks To A Brand New Wheelchair

Image by Taylor Nicole Dean


Animals get some of the cool wheelchairs but the user of the wheelchair can tell that it is not easy to move on the earth, but in the water, it seems just impossible. We see dogs, cats, turtles with wheelchairs but now the tiny goldfish gets the wheelchair from recycled tubing.

Leighton Naylor was the owner of tiny Fantail fish. 32 years old warehouse worker from Blackpool, Lancashire has a tiny Goldfish. The swim bladder is a disease that makes impossible for the fish to stay buoyant. The tiny fish got the swim bladder infection because of that it cannot swim upright. It has been a fighter but the time when it sunk to the bottom and cannot get up back to the surface that moment was the heartbreaking and depressed moment for Leighton. The swim bladder of the fish helps in buoyancy. Leighton saved the life of his fish by creating a wheelchair for his fish.

Several methods and techniques were used by many owners of the fish and other people but the perfect wheelchair was not made by any of them. Some made wheelchairs recycled tubing and some get wheelchairs of cork. Einstein was not impressed by this idea but he keeps on watching the plants and get stuck with it since he rearranged the aquarium and see that the disable friend is not fine at all.

Leighton took special measures to feed the ill friend as it was not able to move to the top of the water. He starts working for the ill fish and he spent 3 hours in making t little wheelchair for the tiny goldfish. It works like a life jacket and allows Einstein to move his fins little bit. It feels very relax and comfortable with this tiny wheelchair.  Einstein lives with the fellow goldfish friends named Frank, Pat, and Blondie. They are living happily but it must wear that wheelchair for the rest of the life.


People think and said I am the crazy person. But like human beings, every animal is valuable for his family and they equally feel for their family members like human beings. This thought makes Leighton work for the little disable goldfish and he tried his best to help the little fellow and finally successful.

Leighton is also trying to teach Einstein some tricks. He tried to train tricks to all the animals in his aquarium but the brightest pupil was Einstein. It can swim through the fingers of the Leighton and hoops using feeding wand. Einstein proves that pets are very intelligent animals and they can learn very well as other pets learn.

Leighton saved the life of his pet by making a wheelchair for his goldfish. All though he also observes the idea of old wine cork and sling but that was not that much feasible and comfortable for Einstein.

Video by Taylor Nicole Dean

Leighton feels for his pet and worked for it and successfully made the wheelchair from the recycled material in just 3 hours. This wheelchair helps to move and swim Einstein through the aquarium.

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1 Comment

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    April 16, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    OUTSTANDING Post.thanks for share..more delay.

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