Shocking Discovery Dugongs Chained Underwater To Profit From Tourists

Shocking Discovery Dugongs Chained Underwater To Profit From Tourists

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Shock and disgust were created from several photos that were emerged which show several sea animals being held in chains inside cages which were underwater.


A shocking discovery was made in the Kokoya Island, Indonesia, where several Dugongs were found chained underwater for the purpose of gaining profit by them from several tourists. Several divers, who were swimming close to the remote Kokoya Island in Indonesia had fallen onto two cages on the island’s seabed, where two dugongs of a rare species were found trapped.

According to ‘The Sun’ newspaper, it was reported by these divers that these sea animals were held to be a mother and her calf. They further contented that these poor animals have been captured by the fishermen of the area nearby, in hopes that they would profit from them through allowing passing tourists to picture themselves with the trapped animals. Delon Lim, one of the divers witnessed this inhuman activity stated that the mother and its baby were captured and held in separate cages.

Frustrated with this shocking situation, Delon Lim proceeded in reporting the incident to Dodo, an animal welfare website which is concerned with such activities. In the report given to Dodo, it was stated that although the younger dugong had at least the ability to swim around inside its cage, its mother could not move inside because of its size and was further restricted because of a huge rope holding her in the cage. The animals’ looks, the tear and the scars that they had because of the ropes and the chains, as well as the scars that were found on the mother’s tail were indicative that the animals were chained and caged for several weeks by these cruel fishermen.

According to Delon Lim, in explaining how the animals were used as a tourist attraction,one of the fishermen asked the divers for giving him a small amount of money in order to show them the dugongs and take a picture with them. Frustrated with the event and with the fishermen, Delon Lim and his fellow diver had managed in an incredible way to convince the fishermen to unchain the dugongs and let them live free in the wild. Delon Lim said that when he and his friend left the island, the fishermen agreed to set the animals free.

However, he said they were not convinced that they would keep their promise, they proceeded in posting a video showing these poor animals in the social media. The world was shocked by the cruel images of the animals being trapped, injured and chained underwater. Several social media messages and comments in the video were posted, showing the anger of everyone about the incident. This vast reaction from the public came to the attention of the relevant animal welfare authorities in the area. They proceeded in arriving on the island the day followed the post and the dugongs were still trapped. On that same day, the animals were finally freed by the authorities and the fishermen were prosecuted.

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