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Sensdog Is The First Smart Device And Ios App For Dogs


Sensdog Is The First Smart Device And Ios App For Dogs

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SensDog is the world’s first smart collar based on intelligence. It is not a common collar, but a smart device that will make our communication with dogs even better.


SenDog also works very well with iOS apps using the sensors of the Apple Watch. This revolutionary software was developed with the world’s leading dog behavior laboratory bringing an innovative product never seen on the market. This new technology is really a great way to enhance the human-dog communication.

The SensDog application never stops to develop through time. This is a program where the real time behavioral data are always collected on an ongoing basis. In contrast to other products, SensDog has made the first attempt to go deep into the animals’ secret life. With this amazing revolutionary product, the owners of it aim to build a new science management model. They want to support the latest research findings with society, so that it will change both dogs’ and our life into a better one.

 The target of the owners of this smart device has different aspects.  Besides supporting science, it also aims to build a community with the help of animal lovers. They hope the members can take part in the research process of their dogs and in this way they will improve our beloved pets’ life. They wish to see a great enthusiasm among people who will share this same passion and help the development for launching the product. Yes, you don’t need to worry about money. The company encourages everybody who wants to join them, even if you don’t send any money. The whole team values people’s interest meanwhile, supports any help that will be beneficial for the SensDog project launching.

SensDog is really different from the competitors on the market. It will help us to make a detailed analysis of our dogs and know them better. It’s a great way to help you know when your dog is happy or sad, stressed or calm. Their emotions will be easily available for you, so that you can know how to treat them better. SensDog also analyzes your dog’s well being. Does your dog eat and drink  well? Does he rest as much as he needs? Is there any health or weight problems?


All these controversial questions will be answered by this new product. You will also know how sociable your dog is and which dogs are his favorites. This product can tell you who your dog’s friends are and how he feels accompanied by other animals. This innovation is surely an amazing method to know whether you are a good owner for your beloved pet or not. You can understand how much you are close to him, how your relationship improves through time and how your dog becomes closer towards you.

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Based on a digital technology, SensDog is undoubtedly excellent solution for the improvement of the relationship between people and pets. Don’t lose this wonderful chance and maybe you and your dog will get even closer!


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