Romeo The Cat Rejected By The World For Being “Ugly”

Romeo The Cat Rejected By The World For Being “Ugly”

To love somebody or something which is perfect is very easy, but give love to those that need your care is something not everybody is able to do. Loving someone is blessing but being loved is more than a blessing. Romeo the Cat couldn’t feel that love until an animal sanctuary in Spain learned about it. The rescue of this abandoned animal is really a great way to show that everybody needs respect and kindness towards pets.

Image Credit: Santuario Compasion Animal

Romeo, the little kitty, was born with a deformity and it looked a little bit different comparing to other cats. Everybody said it was “too ugly” and nobody would ever want to adopt it. Yes, everybody rejected him and he couldn’t find his home anywhere. He was so lonely, so rejected but so cute, at the same time. Yes, Romeo was unwanted and neglected, hungry and homeless. He needed tenderness and wanted people to be his friend. But nobody wanted him and just ignored for what he looked.

Thanks to the people from Santuario Compasion Animal in Spain, this little Romeo finally found his forever home. They take care of this little creature and protect him as much as possible. Surrounded by these attentive people he is now in loving and safe hands. “We were told that nobody wants this kitty because of his appearance. No, Romeo is not ugly at all, moreover, he is special and he needs the same care as the rest of cats”, said these people.

In spite of these difficulties Romeo is so playful and is ready to share his warmth to everybody. He can play all day long with people and other cats. This tiny kitty is very sweet and affectionate. He is a perfect example of the fact that animals like people need love and special attitude. Being very beautiful inside out he also loves attention and wants to get food.

Now Romeo’s life is totally changed. He is accepted in the shelter just the way he is. These humans love him and give all the necessary attention. No matter how he looks, he is a kind animal and you should give just a little chance to him and he will cuddle with you with his kind heart and warmth.

Sure, it’s very easy to buy a beautiful pet, but to adopt an animal that needs help is more important. Choosing the cutest animals you ignore the other pets that deserve more love. These pets also need to be adopted and find their homes. They are very lonely but are ready to hug you in their arms. Of course, caring for animals isn’t so simple.

It is also a responsibility, but it’s worth giving them a chance as they will bring us joy and laugh. This little Romeo is a wonderful reminder that everybody needs love as it is vitally important. The most important aspect of love is not just receiving but giving. Give love to these tiny helpless animals and be their warm shelter.

Image Credit: Santuario Compasion Animal

They are our best friends and we should do everything possible to make their lives happy and comfortable.