Pregnant Opossum Found “Dead” Hugs The Woman Who Saved Her Life

Pregnant Opossum Found “Dead” Hugs The Woman Who Saved Her Life

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It was just another day as Judy Obregon drove towards her mother-in-law’s house in Texas. All of a sudden, in the middle of the road, she noticed a dead animal. As she drove closer, she realised it was an opossum. She cringed at the site of the dead animal. Being an animal lover, she hated seeing such things. It was pretty common to see such things in that part of the country where hunting was not prohibited.

As she approached the body, she noticed its head moving. Surprised, she immediately stopped the car and got out. She walked towards the opossum and realised that the creature was wounded. As she scrutinized further, she came into the conclusion that it was probably shot at with a BB gun and was unable to move much. She also noticed that the opossum was pregnant.

Not being able to pull herself away from the animal, she lifted the opossum and placed her in a box. She was already thinking of the best possible way to save the opossum. She got reminded of the wildlife rehabilitator and continued to drive to her mother-in-law’s house. Once there, she immediately contacted the wildlife rehabilitator, Tabatha. Judy Obregon, a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, is an animal rescuer and is the founder of Animal Rescue in her city.

She usually comes across dogs and cats that need to be rescued and helped. She has very rarely come across situations where she had to rescue a wild animal. For her, this was the first time with an opossum. Though it was something different, she could not get herself to leave her there. She realised that this creature was an animal too, very much alive and with a beating heart, and she needed her help. She had to do her part to save this animal from the effects of animal cruelty.

Tabatha arrived and immediately carried the opossum to their rehabilitation center. The entire duration of the journey, the animal was scared, but did not attack or bite her rescuers. She realised that these people are there to save her and will help. She even clung on to Tabatha’s husband, hugging him in her fear. Mildly surprised and happy, they immediately began the treatment.

The opossum is now recovering well and soon, once she has completely recovered, will be released into a 60 acre property where there are rules against hunting. Named Angel by her rescuers, she will soon be thriving well and will be strong enough to go back to the wild.

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A note to all the animal lovers out there. Always make sure you have the contact details of the local rescue center, so that during such situations, you know whom to contact and what measures to take to help out an animal in distress.

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