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Pooching Around’s Great Pet Survival Infographic!

Pooching Around’s Great Pet Survival Infographic!

As we face more and more terror attacks and natural disasters, the need to prepare for these emergency situations before they occur has increased. Investing in a rucksack and stockpiling in necessities such as tinned foods and other long-lasting food items and lots of water has become the norm for when electricity is cut or they have to vacate their homes without much warning.

What do people do when they have pets too?  Well, we have a duty of care towards dogs if we have them as pets and that includes preparing them for emergencies too. This is why we wanted to take the time to highlight an infographic produced by Pooching Around, a dog-related website. In the following post, we will discuss why the information contained in it is so important.

Water And Food


Just as humans fill up go-bags for emergencies with enough food and drink to last a few days, Pooching Around’sinfographic, as you can see, suggests that a doggy Survival Kit should include the same. It is best to carry around three day’s worth of dog food, canned is best, and at least one large bottle of water. As you will probably moving around a lot, it is best to invest in a portable receptacle for your animal buddy’s food and water, such as a pop-up or collapsible bowl.

Extra Collar and Leash

Although you already have a collar and leash for your dog, a spare of each is a good thing to include in your survival kit. Leashes and dog collars, even those designed for their durability and robustness, can still break. Particularly if you are moving from one place to another in poor weather conditions and in a hurry. Therefore, to keep your dog in the safest place possible – by your side – you need a backup when their leash and collar start to wear down.

Favorite Toy And Blanket


It is not only humans that suffer in serious emergencies, dogs do too – particularly when it comes to stress. With this in mind then, it is best to include your dog’s favorite blanket and their favorite toy too. These items may not seem particularly important, but as they will not only have positive associations for your dog with their safe and secure and crucially, happy home life – they will prove to be a comfort for them, even in the most distressing of situations.

Why You Should Pack Medical Records And Information About Shelters And Vets

You don’t know where you might end up when you have to flee your home and help you, your family and your dog escape from danger. This is why it is important to keep medical records for your dogs in their survival kit, so that you can show them to a vet, if necessary. You should also include their prescriptions and any medications they have been given.

For when you are on the move, it is good to have a hard-copy with a list of the details for vets and shelters in the largely surrounding area to where you live. A hard-copy is particularly useful as you may not have access to a tablet, smartphone or the internet.

All of the information is contained in Pooching Around’s great infographic, as you can see, and we would recommend that you print this off, so you have a copy of it. It may just make the difference between keeping your dog safe or not.

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