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Pokemon are real! Meet 15 Real Life Pokemon


Pokemon are real! Meet 15 Real Life Pokemon

Lots of people from different parts of the world enjoy playing with Pokémon figures and monsters, amassing them to add to their collection, but most people do not know things about the characters they love so much. Yes, we know some Pokémon originated from animals, but some of those Pokémon are a lot more similar to animals than you would realize. There are some based on very precise species and have very precise traits and special features that are only some particular categories of animals have. Here a few examples that will make you re-examine everything you thought you believed about Pokémon, or at the very least, make you go ‘’Oh wow.”

1. Poliwag – Translucent Tadpole


Image credit: The Pokemon Wiki | National Geographic

Many of you, even new players, may already know Poliwag. This cute little water Pokémon was created based on translucent tadpoles. Obviously Poliwags are supposed to be tadpoles, but the strange thing about Poliwag is a particular design choice that majority won’t think has any importance. The swirl on Poliwag’s body that can also be seen on two of its evolutions’ (Poliwhirl and Poliwrath) stomachs isn’t just a creative design; it was formulated based on some species of translucent tadpoles that have… wait for it… noticeable swirled intestines!


So, what we see as some cool black swirl in the body of Poliwag and its evolutions might even be their guts… Just kidding. Pretty sure they’re just part of the cool design, but keep the reference in mind.

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