People Almost Killed This Poor Creature Thinking It Is An Alien

People Almost Killed This Poor Creature Thinking It Is An Alien

Image by: The Borneo Post SEEDS

A strange creature was found in the woods of the village called Sibu, Borneo. The residents of that village were walking in the woods when suddenly they saw that creature and thought it was an alien.


They have never seen anything like that and were very threatened. It had four legs and as villagers didn’t know for sure what it was, they began to attack that beast and thrashed it with sticks.

Unfortunately, what they thought was far from reality. That poor animal was not from outer space at all. It was a poor malnourished Sun Bear. After being beaten so harshly, the poor animal regained its consciousness and attempted to escape from the villagers. When the Malaysian authorities were informed about that incident, they immediately carried out an investigation. It took almost 4 months to find the “alien” creature once again. One day in a plantation area they found that animals and rescued with the help of animal support team. At first, the animal was a little confused and defensive, but later, after receiving food and water it calmed down and its condition improved. The authorities confirmed that it has been just a sick sun bear.

According to Nickson Roby of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), the animal was then in a very safe and appropriate place. He ate and drank well, but it was still unknown why he was sick and hairless. So, they were really curious in finding out the possible reasons of her sickness. After some days of the rescue, the team brought the animal to Matang Wildlife Centre where the veterinarian took care of him. He said that the bear was suffering from a skin infection, moderate anemia and mite infestation. 

Nowadays, all measures are taken to recover this poor animal. Silje Robertson, the veterinarian assures that the animal has shown positive signs of recovery and if she goes on like this, they will release her back to the wild world. We also hope that her health will be soon improved and he will find her peace in the wildlife. Unfortunately, the sun bear population has declined very much in the last three decades. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, this is a protected species in Borneo and it needs much attention. Humanity’s destructive actions will really end the existence of these animals instead make a large room for palm oil plantations.

The mistake of the local residents would be a great loss for the animal world, if the poor bear didn’t escape from them. There are videos available on YouTube where she tries to escape with great efforts. You can even compare her with other healthy sun bears and see what the awful infections have done to this poor animal.

Video by: The Borneo Post SEEDS

A healthy sun bear cannot be mistaken with an alien as it has a great look. Now we all hope that this sick bear will soon get healthy and join her friends from the wild world!




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