We can find parrots in almost every part of our planet, especially areas that enjoy a warm temperature almost all year round; Asia, Africa and India for instance.


Photo by Danny Chapman

Parrots are a member of the Psittacidae family and can be trained to describe objects, recall their names, respond to questions, identify objects, and even count them. Many species can imitate human speech or other sounds and their sights are in ultraviolet light. In their natural habitat, parrots feed on a variety of plant foods and insects.

There are about 353 distinct families of parrots and the largest of the species is the hyacinth macaw which is about 100 cm (39.4 in) in size, and the smallest is the buff-faced pygmy parrot and it’s only 8.4 cm (3.3 in) long.

Parrots as Pets

The popularity of parrots as pets has led to the illegal trade of the bird, so some species are now almost extinct. The main reason for their popularity and demand is because of their beautiful, distinct coloration and ability to speak. Parrots, given the correct care and attention can live long and as such will provide your household with not just a new pet but also a new member of the family.

The first objective for intending parrots owners is to acquire a good cage, of which there are numerous designs to choose; a spacious cage is often recommended. Also note that parrots are sensitive to smells and fumes, so their cages should not be placed in the kitchen as fumes are harmful to them.

Their diet should be the classic parrot mix food, a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. You shouldn’t feed your parrots chocolates are avocados as they are lethal to your pets. Pet shops now offer variety of toys which you could procure for your bird.

Parrot Owners Often Keep These Parrot Species as Pets;

  1. Amazons (Amazona) -These parrots are very colorful, playful and gentle. Their smaller size makes them suitable for children. They have a good character and are also very good talkers. They are the ideal pet parrots for a family and very easy to care for.
  2. African Grays (Psittacus erithacus) – If they are hand-raised birds they make delightful parrots, but can be very demanding. African grays are said to be the fastest learner amongst parrots and quite a good talker too. The parrot will pluck his feathers if he is frustrated or bored.

Video credit:Sharon Yildiz

         3. Budgerigars (Myiopsitta monachus) – Also known as; parakeets, this specie make great pets, especially when acquired young. Like the parrots listed above, they can master few words and tunes.. Because they are very social birds it’s recommended you keep at least a pair of them and not just one, they can be very enjoyable and less demanding than the larger parrot species.