Paralyzed Bunny Saved From Certain Death Thanks To His Super Smart Owner

Paralyzed Bunny Saved From Certain Death Thanks To His Super Smart Owner

When bunny named Wheelz escaped from his mother, he was attacked by a larger hare and lost his back legs in the fight. Thanks to his super smart owner, Wheelz is completely mobile again!

According to the Overlook Acres Facebook account, over the past few weeks, they’ve had about 6 litters of bunnies born. They write that they lost many of the bunnies because of the extremely cold temperatures in upstate New York. Sometimes with farm life you have to make hard decisions….like euthanize an animal because the quality of life is no longer good. However, Overlook Acres not only that they didn’t put this cute rabbit down, but they gave him a better life.

A woman named Christina Griffith took the remaining bunnies inside her house and bottle fed each one, the post reads. After a few days, they found him to be eating normally, same as all his brothers and sisters, just Wheelz couldn’t use his back legs.

According to the post, Wheelz was paralyzed from his belly down. Normally this condition would result in putting an animal down and out of his misery but he didn’t seem to be in any pain. Wheelz managed to still pull himself around the floor and was moving faster than the other bunnies.

The post reads that Griffith bought a small, 1$ skateboard toy at the dollar store, and with a help of a sock, created a small wheelchair for the cute bunny.

“He is as happy as can be and loves his speed,” according to the post.

This kind of injury would emotionally cripple many, but didn’t slow Wheelz down one bit. The bunny quickly learned how to rely on his front legs to move, and he was soon out-hopping all the non-paralyzed bunnies at Overlook Acres.

Also, they decided to write a book for children about this cute bunny to raise money for their project.

He noted that they love their farm lifestyle, and love sustainable living. And they love this little bunny too!
He also said that the publishing can be very expensive proposition: a high quality illustrated book for children needs great story telling, great art work, and a top rate publisher, and they hope to accomplish all of that with KickStarter.

Thank you wonderful people for saving Wheelz and making him happy again.

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