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Octopus Mothers Are One Of The Best Parents Ever! Find Out Why


Octopus Mothers Are One Of The Best Parents Ever! Find Out Why

Octopus 8Photo by Medaglia

It is absolutely not important to be human in order to be a mother. Humans aren’t the only ones who have such feelings as the kingdom of animals includes various creatures that can feel the same way as humans do. It’s very amazing to see how even the awkward animal moms can do the same things as our moms do. They can love and protect their little babies and even die for them. Sure, the bond between mother and child transcends all species.


“Graneledone boreopacifica” is the perfect proof that animals can also take extraordinary steps to protect their children. This octopus is really amazing species. An octopus grows so rapidly and maybe it’s because of its short life. Deep in the ocean the female octopus crawls towards a rocky slope. She always guards her eggs. And these eggs indicate that the female’s life is going to end.

Whenever she lays eggs she needs to defend and protect them from predators. The female octopus never leaves and never eats anything as the only thing she does is being near her eggs. This period lasts for four and a half years. If some crabs come close to her she eats them, but she never leaves her place.  

The giant octopus grabs only food which is nearby and according to biologists she can even eat some of her eggs. But how does this octopus survive for so long? It is said that her still condition helps her and she uses metabolism gained by her inactivity.

During these years the female octopus loses all her energy slowly.  Her skin gets pale with tired eyes. And when the eggs hatch the exhausted female octopus stops breathing and dies. And what about her little babies? They go deep into the ocean and survive there eating fish and blue whales.


Usually the male Octopus mates and dies leaving the female alone to give birth to little babies. He gives the female his sperm to keep and whenever this process is complete he passes away. And as you have already known the female octopus doesn’t die until her eggs are hatched and alive.

Indeed, “Graneledone boreopacifica” survives and lays eggs in a very extraordinary way. She invests so much effort, so much care and so much sacrifice. Such a long brooding period is really incredible and shows us that there are many unknown things in deep waters.

This giant octopus ensures us that we don’t need to look far to find any proof that each mother takes care of her baby. She hasn’t eaten for so long as she doesn’t want to be attracted by food leaving his eggs alone. She protects them as long as she can.

The only purpose for her is her young babies and does everything not to lose her eggs. Losing eggs will be a psychological shock for her and that is why this young octopus does maximum of efforts to prevent them.

Video: Robert Deaf

Being close to death she never regrets for hatching as she has already nothing else to live for.  Octopus mothers are really one of the best parents in animal kingdom of the world.



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