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Night Parrot Sighting Confirmed In 100 Years For The First Time


Night Parrot Sighting Confirmed In 100 Years For The First Time

Photo by endangeredspeciesprintproject.

In Western Australia, a night parrot was photographed after a years of being supposedly extinct until rediscovered in Queensland from the last four years.


This is the first sighting validated in the 100 year time span after a long history of sightings that were only speculations by others, reports that were disproved and futile surveys that rival the extinct Thylacine that resides in Tasmania.

This discovery was made by four friends from Broome, dedicating seven years into searching for the bird for seven years. They’ve examined maps, travelled through habitats, and spent their evenings listening for bird’s sounds that are unusual in the state’s arid interior.

That month with two days into the trip in an undisclosed area, near a salt lake in inland Western Australia, they found some amusing calls which were unfamiliar to them. Comparing that call and their recordings in Queensland populations of the night parrot, the calls were noticeably different – described by the group to be a “ding-ding” call similar to the “bell miner” followed by a “Grieet” which is a frog like sound. That sound was just enough to indicate the presence of the bird.

Morning comes by, and the night parrot darts in front of one of the friends who was named George Swann, as he was walking through spinifex, searching for different birds.


The bird’s color is described to be green and yellow, with black barred feathers.

Its description was said to be a “big dumpy budgerigar” which is the same size as the “rainbow lorikeet.”

The group managed to go down and find it, with their cameras prepared to capture the shot. Added by one of the group, they would normally not disturb nocturnal birds in the daytime, but in that scenario, they had to be sure to capture the photo of the rare bird.

Their excitement was evident, achieving a feat that nobody else could ever be able to for many years, and that moment was right at their hands.

Boyle and Swann are expert consultants, who’ve attented “Monash Uinversity organisation Research Ecology”, with Jackett being the warden of the “Broome Bird Observatory.” The four of them have been working in the fields of science and ecology, but their passion was directed torwards the hunt of the parrot.

The range for the parrot in Queensland was 200km away from Western Australia, being expanded in last years time to include Diamantina National Park, located in the states’s central west.

The discovery made by the four, may have a great impact on the mining development in the parts of Western Australia that was once assumed to be the habitat of the night parrot habitat.

The group refuses to  give the location of where they found the bird in fears of being targeted by poachers, giving the description of the dry inland areas, covering the third of the state. But the last recorded sights of the bird was in Western Australia, in Pilbara, 1912, when in for more than 100 years, the specimen was found.

Video by SciNews

Possibly, there was a night parrot nest found in Pilbara, 1971. 2005, the “Fortescue Metal Group” considered a night parrot managemant plan for the iron hub Ore Hub, a large mind located halfway between Pannawonica and Tom Price.






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