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New Amazing Species From The Uncharted Deep-Sea


New Amazing Species From The Uncharted Deep-Sea

Image By: National Marine Sanctuaries

The deep seas are full of amazing creatures about which we don’t know anything. Every time scientists come on brilliant species that are incredibly beautiful and admirable.


They are like aliens with their look and are so unusual. Anyway, we are always ready to discover new species and wait for them impatiently to admire the planet’s breathtaking beauty one more time.

Among the most astonishing creatures the Ghostlike Octopod is a very amazing new sea creature. The dive of Okeanos Explorer 2016 has come across to this species at 4,290 meters. This cephalopod type was not similar to the others and the group began observations about it. In general these octopods can be found in two different groups:

  1. The cirrate or finned octopods, which have fins on some sides of their bodies and fingerlike cirri on their arms.
  2. The incirrate octopods, which don’t have any fins or cirri. They are mostly similar to common shallow-water Octopus.

The first dive didn’t found these 2 types together. At first it found the second type – incirrates. This creature is unusual in its appearance and doesn’t have the pigment cells, called chromatophores. This type has got its name from its ghostlike look and it doesn’t belong to any genus and no one has ever heard about it before. It has very few muscles as there is not so much food in the deep sea, so it takes a lot of energy to build muscles in such conditions. It also has tiny eyes which are functional for it. The first type is mostly found in depths of 5,000 meters. It doesn’t look like any other creature from the scientific literature. It is also called “dumbo” octopod. This curious creature is gelatinous in its consistency. The eyes of these creatures are also considered to see bioluminescent animals which are very common in deep seas. Whenever they hear any vibration in the water they react to it immediately.

Nowadays not so much information is available about these coolest creatures. This has been a great chance to find such species while exploring the deep sea. These ghost octopods have made a great impact on the explorers. The first operational dive in the Hawaiian Archipelago was launched for totally different reasons. It was to collect geological samples about the connection existing between Necker Island and Necker Ridge. But in this area they came across to this unexpected creatures and it found out that there existed a biological community, as well.


Hopefully many species will be discovered and we will have that great chance to know them throughout our life. Each new species bring tons of new information and passion for explorers to observe them as much as possible. Sure, deep seas are wonderful places for the most wonderful species that remain undiscovered. We will never stop to get surprised by their beauty and mystery.

Video by: oceanexplorergov and official page:

They are not common creatures we are used to see in our daily life but they are amazing and with their strange beauty they are the hidden treasures of the uncharted deep seas!


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