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Neglected And Sick Poodle Starts A New Life


Neglected And Sick Poodle Starts A New Life

Photo by: The Orphan Pet

In life we meet some cases of animals that we remain speechless and the only thing we want is to help the poor creature and do our best to make them be happy. The case of Sakis is one of the awful cases that one could ever hear or see through his life.


An emaciated and sick poodle was found clinging onto life in a garage near the mountain of Ymittos, Greece. A local Charity in Glyfada called SPAZ, promptly received the call.  Action was swiftly taken as the poorly pooch was rushed to the vets urgently.

Vets were met with one of the most appalling cases of neglect they had ever seen. Blinded by advanced stage leishmaniasis (a parasitic disease), he was riddled with painful ulcers and suffering with a very low Haematocrit count, he looked to be near death. So skeletal that his own legs could not support his frail 4kg frame, it is unbelievable that an animal can be left in this way.

A pungent manure-like smell came from the small dog as he was being groomed, the source of the smell was revealed to be his ears. A foul, black, gungy mess was extracted, vets saying this nearly deafened him. It’s obvious that Sakis (the name given to him by the SPAZ charity) hadn’t received any love or care in a long time.

Sakis bravely endured all the treatments given to him. Patiently and graciously letting the vets touch his most sore spots in order to clean him and bring him back to health. His matted fur was shaved off and he was cleansed and bathed, all with the demeanor of a poodle show dog. Sakis was very modest and all the vets were amazed by his behavior. This encouraged them to do their best to improve the state of Sakis and each of them felt himself responsible with each step they took.


This gentle soul has a long way to go, but he is beginning his new life full of hope. Both the vets and Sakis help one another to get the desired result. Millions of dogs are abandoned and mistreated every year, each one with an individual story and some with tragic and some with happy endings. This time Sakis was lucky to be found and nursed back into health by loving, caring people.

All the staff hopes that this case can be a great example of each soul to continue living no matter how hard the situation is. Sakis will hopefully receive the love of a new family in the future (when he is fully back on his feet). He is very calm and appreciates even a little care and attention towards him. Every day the vets get happier seeing how Sakis’ health improves and how he bears everything with his great and loving heart. There are many dogs that need our help, and you can become a part of it.

Video by: The Orphan Pet

You can donate to the SPAZ charity to ensure many more dogs can be rescued and healed, PayPal: You also have chance to follow Sakis’ health progress on the Facebook page of Spaz! A dog is for life!

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