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The Monstrum Who Calls Himself “Animal Lover” Butchered More Than 200 Cats


The Monstrum Who Calls Himself “Animal Lover” Butchered More Than 200 Cats

Image by: RG TV/Youtube

Huang Fuping is a Chinese man who has done awful things for many years. This “animal lover” has butchered more than 200 stray cats in a slaughterhouse a day and sold their meat to restaurants.


He brought many cats into small cages and transported them to his barbaric place situated in Chengdu, south-west China.

According to him, he sold many cats as “rabbit meat”. It cost 20 yuan per kilogram or 28-32 yuan per cat. But on November 23 authorities found this heartless butcher. They had received a tip-off from volunteers of the Chengdu Aizhijia Animal Rescue Centre. After having known the case they didn’t even hesitate to take some urgent steps to stop him. When they came to his barbaric place all of them remained speechless. They found countless butchered cats in that tiny slaughterhouse, 49 of which were still alive.

The pitiless man did everything to hide under a kind mask. According to Chengdu Business daily Huang’s neighbors didn’t ever think that man would act so inhumanly. All of them thought he was an animal lover that always rescued stray cats and did everything to keep them in a warm and secure place.

The neighbors were shocked being told that this cruel man has never raised any cats instead he butchered and sold them for the sake of money. Huang always told them and assured that the cats enjoyed their life as he also placed 24-hour air conditioning. He made everybody believe that he devoted all his life to stray cats and saved them as much as he could.


But the reality was totally different being a far cry and very cruel. As the investigation found out those innocent creatures were crammed into awful cages that were 20 cm. Huang’s warehouse was only 10-square-meter where he drowned and skinned many cats every day. Then he sold them illegally to meat wholesalers coming from the southern China, such as Guangxi region, where the cruel Yulin dog meat festival took place every year.

Chengdu Business Daily shared a video where that heartless butcher shows his buyer how fresh and clean cats he had as he washed their carcass every time. In this video you also see a huge number of cats squeezed into small cages so cruelly. The investigation also carried out drowned cats floating in water full of blood and also inside the machine which ripped off their fur.

Unfortunately there is no law in China regarding cruel killings of animals and this inhuman butcher still thinks that there is nothing bad to buy or sell cats. The founder of the Chengdu Aizhijia Animal Rescue Centre shared his thoughts in social media about that case saying that November 23 was a day to feel pain and remember those innocent creatures as it made you hate such cruel butchers and hate such barbaric acts.

Video by: RG TV

Huang is probably to avoid punishment because of the lack of an animal law. But hopefully Chengdu authorities will seriously punish and charge this cruel man for the atrocities he has done for many years.



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