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Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Feeds It And Protects Like Its Own Baby


Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Feeds It And Protects Like Its Own Baby

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A few weeks ago, a rhesus macaque monkey in Southern India adopted a baby dog and the pair is now inseparable. An unusual pair has become famous in the town in Erode, Tamil Nadu, so much that local people have started leaving food out for them.

People who have seen this strange duo all spoke of their strong mutual affection and described their special bond as the most caring thing in the world. People are passing by and traveling along this crowded street and they have seen the monkey acts like a personal guard for the little puppy and keeps on protecting him. Although both are from different species, it seems that they share something unique to form this unusual bond.


The story is even stranger because monkeys and dogs usually don’t usually get along. The monkey has been seen protecting the little dog from other dogs and animals that may want to steal its food or hurt it. Even though the monkey female is very protective mom, it has never hurt anyone.

The pair love to cuddle, and the Indian news had a great time covering this story. In those touching moments, the primate’s maternal instincts kick in; making sure the puppy is well-fed before taking anything for itself. In addition to sustenance, the monkey also carries adopted son around in its arms. In those moments when a larger dog tries to bully the small puppy, the monkey stepmother bares teeth and scares the dog until it flees.

It is hard to believe that there is strong bond like the one they have! People come from every place to witness the amazing bond but they are too careful to not disturb the parent-monkey.

However, soon after the story came out on Indian news, there was a talk about whether it was safe for the puppy to be raised by a monkey, who might try to take him into a tree. It seems that this relationship may not last for a long time.


Local news accounts appear to report that forest department officials took custody of this puppy, and that the pair may have been separated. However, this information hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The whole thing seems ridiculous considering that the monkey was the only one who cared about the puppy before it was on the news. Love knows no bounds, and we hope that this unusual pair will get back together some day.

This is such an amazing love story that we are constantly reminded how animals have much bigger heart than people. Taking care of that puppy in danger and protecting it like a parent gives us a valuable lesson about us, people, again. 

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