Missing Zebra Found Dead After Reportedly Falling Off Cliff

Missing Zebra Found Dead After Reportedly Falling Off Cliff

“When we deny pain, our body pays the price.” Something kindred has happened to the silent living beings who cannot stand up for themselves, who are held captive by humans, who consider themselves superior than any other living being on this planet. Yet another deadly incident has occurred in March in Japan, where a two year old young zebra has suffered an untimely death.

A zebra is pulled from a lake in Toki, Gifu prefecture, central Japan Wednesday, March 23, 2016. The zebra that was on the loose on a Japanese golf course for hours has died after it was chased around by a dozen men including police officers, likely drowning after being shot by tranquilizer dart and plunging into the lake. (Naoya Osato/Kyodo News via AP) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT

On a late Tuesday night, the zebra had escaped the horseback riding club and had escaped to a nearby golf course during the Wednesday morning. The people were chasing the animal, trying to get hold of it, but all attempts went in vain, when at last, some police officers shot a tranquilizer dart at the poor animal. Not knowing the next step of the perpetrators and simultaneously experiencing the intoxication of the dart, the poor animal ran towards a lake. It was rescued in a few minutes, but the damage had already been done.

This is not the first attack being witnessed against zebras. A series of attacks have already taken their course. In May, a five month old zebra, missing from Bailiwick Animal Park, Catskill, New York found was found dead. In yet another incident in California, a pair of zebras broke free from a circus in Oakland.

Witnessing a circle of these similar events against zebras, gives a series of doubts. What is going wrong with these animals? What is the reason behind such untimely deaths? Who is responsible or is to blame for such uneventful circumstances? The answer unambiguously lies in the violation of the animal welfare laws leading to such extremities.

To curb the culling of the wild animals, a concrete and inept solution needs to be framed. The various laws governing the safety of animals need to be revamped and reformulated. Keeping animals captive should be strictly prohibited. They should be provided with a natural environment in which they feel close to nature and able to grow indigenously.

The rapid modernization has lead to the present crises. The need for a sumptuous life not only affects these wilderness areas, but also has a negative effect on the overall functioning of an ecosystem. The vulnerable or the near extinct species are caught in this vicious circle and death becomes inevitable for them.

Hence, some steps can be taken with a positive note to save the loss of habitat and extinction of species. This would not only help in ameliorating their numbers but would also be beneficial for the overall food chain and flora and fauna. Flourishing diversity would boost the environment contributing in its overall positive benefits. The contemporary world needs a luxurious lifestyle, but some amount of care could be given to the species that comprise an important part of our ecosystem.

Vulnerable species once extinct would never fit the bill again leaving the environment and its ecosystem in a haphazard situation of crisis. Moreover, if time runs away, we would certainly not be able to do anything but just to stare in wonder the strange hinterland where life begins and ends.

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