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Meet The Scariest Creature From Underworld- The Beelzebub Bat


Meet The Scariest Creature From Underworld- The Beelzebub Bat

Murina_beelzebub 2_(Vietnam)_© Gábor CsorbaPhoto by WWF-Vietnam

In the tropical forests of Southeast Asia three new bat species have been discovered.  One of them is the little tube-nosed bat living only in the forests of Vietnam. This is a demonic looking creature and you feel a little bit scared when you look at this tiny animal.


According to Dr Gabor Csorba of the Hungarian Natural History Museum (HNHM), the team has chosen the name Beelzebub because of its fierce behavior and coloration. You can come across this word in Christian texts, in both Old and New Testaments, as a reference of the underworld. It really resembles the Lord of the Underworld. The scientists are also very excited discovering these new species as it brings many new challenges for them.

The nostrils of Beelzebub bats are tube-shaped that help them with their feeding. Weighing only 5.3 – 6.0 grams this bat is very small and can fit in anybody’s hand easily. The dorsal side of this animal is covered with dark fur. Its head has black hue and the color of its belly is white. Such coloration is very unique and this is the only bat species in this area with such gloomy hue.  

In general they avoid any kind of human contact. They always try to rescue themselves but whenever you try to capture them they will be very dangerous. Although they have fiendish name they are pretty shy creatures until somebody tries to hunt them. When they find themselves in your hand they will try hard to escape but when they have no other way but struggle they start to “fight” with you.

The Vice Chairman of Fauna and Flora International, Paul Racey, who is also a representative of Bat Specialist Group, has released information which is based on the recent genetic investigation. According to it the Beelzebub bats and other species are very vulnerable because of the ongoing deforestation of the region. It is well known that 30% of the forests of Greater Mekong region in Southeast Asia have disappeared in just four decades.


The researchers warn that their survival depend on the tropical forests as this is the only place where these tube-nosed bats can live. They are distinctive group and such species are mainly adapted to forest environments. So, these areas need support for greener and more protected economic development in order to keep these new species of bats as safe as possible ensuring more other discoveries in the near future.

The other two new species also belong to this special group known as tube-nosed bats. According to scientists the fauna of the region of such bats is surrounded by myth. Though bats represent approximately a third of Southeast Asian mammals, the true number of this extraordinary species may be more. This information is also based on the recent genetic research.

Murina_beelzebub 1_(Vietnam)_© Gábor CsorbaPhoto by WWF-Vietnam

They also notice that very little is known for this new species. While being so exciting this unique group of animals is on their focus of attention and they keep the ongoing research about these bats.


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1 Comment

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