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Meet Mysterious New Whales Species From Alaska


Meet Mysterious New Whales Species From Alaska

Anim 1101Photo by NOAA Photo Library

The world is full of Wonders and mysteries. Science is a key that is opening the door of this mysterious world and presenting the vast knowledge in front of us. But, in this vast world, there are some unsolved mysteries and unknown discoveries are also present.


In recent days, scientists discovered a new species of Whales in Alaska. A dead whale was found on a desolate Beach of Alaska’s St. George Island in June 2014. It was pink in color. Scientists believed that it is a new species of Whale. But they have never seen one alive. The body of the mysterious whale was 24 feet that is 7.32 meters long. The dead body of the whale was spotted by a young Biology teacher. The body was half buried in sand on that desolate windswept beach. After seeing that, he alerted a former fur seal researcher. The researcher was presumed that she found a Baird’s Beak whale. It was a large species of whale, grey in color that dive deep in se, often found dead on the shore, and came along with the tides.

But, she was wrong. After deeply examining the whale, they found that the color was too dark, the dorsal fin was too big and even floppy. The size of the animal was too short to be an adult, but its worn and yellow teeth proved that, it was an adult.

Whales are hard to miss in an ocean; it is really surprising news about a new species of whales. The first hint of a new species of whales came from Japan in around 1940s. The Whalers of Japan reported catching an unknown beaked whale. Then, in 2004, a dead whale was found on an Alaskan Shore. In 2013, the Japanese Scientists used modern DNA analysis to test those old samples and proved that this mysterious species may be new to us. Finally, in 2014 a dead body of the new species is also found on the Alaskan shore.

Phillip Morin, a molecular genetics at NOAA, told to National Geographic that, “We don’t know how many there are, where they are typically found, anything. But, we are going to start looking.” “Yet there is so much about our World, we do not even understand.” Said Morin.


Robert Pitman calls the discovery “heartening.” “It blogs my mind to think that a large, very different looking whale gone unnoticed by the scientist community for so long,” Pitman says. “It sends a clear message about how little we know about what is in the ocean around us.”

The discovery shows the knowledge of mankind about oceans. Humans are increasing damage to the environment. No one knows how many species are there. Maybe some kind of threat is waiting for humans deep inside the Sea.


This is horrible and amazing too for us. Human is discovering different species from all over the world. This discovery also proved that how little we know about the ocean.




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