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Meet Goliath, A Rescued Cow Who Thinks He’s One Of The Dogs


Meet Goliath, A Rescued Cow Who Thinks He’s One Of The Dogs


We’ve all seen those stories about unlikely animal pals, but how often do you hear about an animal identity crisis? This article will introduce you into the life of Goliath, a cow who believes he is actually a dog. And yes, he uses a doggy bed. Goliath’s resting on the Hubb family’s couch brought up the realization that maybe, just maybe, Goliath might think he is a dog rather than a cow.  


He was found lying on the couch after the door had been opened for a mere five minutes. The rescuer, Shaylee Hubbs, posted a tweet regarding the event and has received over 37,000 retweets and 64,000 favorites. In October of 2015, Goliath, at only one day old, was rescued by Shaylee Hubbs, a 17 year old senior, and her family in Danville, California, USA. Their friend was scheduled to be slaughtered, but they would not let such a tragedy take place. Living in a house with three dogs and being quite young at the time of the rescue, Goliath began to believe he too may be a canine.

There are plenty of adorable pictures of Goliath’s daily activities ranging from eating dog food, trying to nurse from who he believes to be his mother-a great dane named Leonidas (aka Leo) who is owned by the family, and resting in his own doggy bed. Believe it or not, Goliath has even been accepted as one of their own by the family’s other four-legged friends. Leo, who was mentioned earlier, laid down with Goliath for hours to presumably keep him company while he was sick and nudged him to get up.

Shaylee Hubbs even said, “They chase and play together, he watches how they eat their dog food and drink water from their bowls and copies them and he even lays in their dog beds.” according to the news network ABC Though Goliath’s rescue took the Internet and our hearts by storm in November of 2015, he has an account on Twitter (@goliaththecow) which keeps followers updated on his life. It also promotes the Go Fund Me page set up by his family so that they can help rescue even more animals like Goliath. Maybe, their next rescue will be just the same: a little confused, but completely adorable!

However, next time, rather than a dog, the new pet will believe it is a mini horse, horse, goat, sheep, alpaca, chicken, or maybe even a bunny which are all animals on the Hubbs family ranch. Goliath is now roughly nine months old and still close with the two year old great dane, Leo. According to news reports, Goliath sleeps in the backyard in a playhouse, and wakes up every morning to wait for his best friend. Also, there have been hundreds of thousands of shares from news networks’ websites to various different social media outlets. 


Video by: Shaylee Hubbs

Clearly Hubbs and her family are quite compassionate. Shaylee herself has not only called Goliath a pet, but also a beloved family member.


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