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Meet The Blue Dragon- The Most Beautiful And Deadly Creature Ever Discovered!


Meet The Blue Dragon- The Most Beautiful And Deadly Creature Ever Discovered!

Blue dragon-glaucus atlanticusPhoto by Sylke Rohrlach

Are you a great fan of alluring animals? Then this can be extraordinary information for you. Glaucus atlanticus is a real animal on earth and is known as blue dragon worldwide. It is a small sea slug but one of the most eye-catching animals on the planet.

It can be found in tropical waters and warm oceans. It’s a little bit unbelievable but this tiny animal eats only venomous animals including the Portuguese Man o’War (Physalia Physalis). This process is very interesting.  When it consumes the venom it sorts out the most deadly parts of it and uses them in its own tissues.


 Its immune system is built so that causes no problem against these venomous cells. Its defense mechanism is also based on the deadly poisons it eats as it steals the defense of its prey using it for its own protection. A number of people want to get this animal but it will be very difficult to feed this animal, as its preys live mostly in the oceans. It has a unique feeding and it can be harder and even impossible to keep it as a pet.

Eating such poisonous cells doesn’t make this animal a disgusting one. While these prettiest dragons are very hard to be seen by humans they attract everybody’s attention on their look.  The attractive blue color is undoubtedly the most amazing feature of this predator. Blue sea dragon is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. It’s very difficult to catch a glimpse of it as you will not have that lucky opportunity to admire it whenever you want.

 The length of this species is of 5 to 8 cm. The dorsal side of this typical species has silvery gray color but the ventral side is covered by light blue. Its feet of the dorsal side have dark blue stripes. The jagged teeth of this mollusk help it to scrape food particles and draw them into its mouth.

When these weird animals are out of water they try to flip themselves very slowly facing the sky with their silver-grey surface. Another interesting feature of this ocean slug is that it is oviparous and hermaphroditic. Most sea slugs are hermaphrodite and this ability as a natural condition allows both slugs to produce egg strings after the mating has occurred. Glaucus atlanticus always lays down its eggs on any kind of object or carcass that is afloat. Until they have their own sacs this helps them to stay afloat.


Sea swallows are also dangerous for the people on the beach. As it was mentioned above they concentrate all the poison within their body and can unleash a sting anytime they want. This can be more powerful poison than the one they ate before. Beachgoers should be very attentive because this poison can be very painful for their health and will most probably result to death.

Video by:Robin_Deepthi

So, people are advised not to touch it despite its attractive color. It’s better to admire the blue dragon’s beauty from a safe distance and avoid its deadly results.



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