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Meet Bernard, Terminally Ill Dog with A Dog Bucket List


Meet Bernard, Terminally Ill Dog with A Dog Bucket List

Image by: Iain Maitl


Bernard is a wonderful dog that has a bucket list. He has only two or three months to enjoy living. He was adopted in 2008 and the family that adopted him raised him in the perfect way possible.

All family members have loved him and played with him every time. Bernard went on long walks with them in the beaches and woodlands.

Year by year he became a family member, too. He got used to his owners and everybody loved him so much. He only barked when he saw frogs or hedgehogs in the garden but he never barked at people. Bernard love cuddling and he adored playing with tennis balls. The whole family wanted to keep him longer and lengthen this terrier’s lifespan in every way possible. But suddenly everything changed.

Cancer. It was cancer. In October it became clear that there was a large tumor on his liver and the disease was in a very active period. According to the vet the dog would live two or three months more. Everybody was struggling and the whole family was in tears. Bernard didn’t understand what was going on and he was amazed seeing his owner in tears. The awful thing was that his owners could not do anything to save him as the diagnosis was already confirmed by the vet.


From the next day the family members devoted themselves to Bernard working through what they thought would be on the dog’s bucket list. They give him as many sausages as he wants, all fresh- cooked. They play with him with a tennis ball every time possible and take him to long walks on cliffs and in forests.

Nowadays Bernard is provided with liver-friendly diet and eats only healthy foods. He also accepts tablets for liver process but the future is unknown, of course. Liver is a very important and tough organ. And cancer is something that can grow even in moments. It cannot be said for sure whether the tumor grow through years or rapidly. And today nobody can predict the awful progress of this disease. The family does everything and makes many efforts to make him happier than ever. The owners always spend their time with him and love Bernard endlessly.

The family members are prepared for the worst but they don’t imagine their life without him. Bernard will leave an unimaginable pain behind him as his owners love and adore him so much. Even the thought that one day they will wake up and won’t see the dog following them wherever they go makes them be in tears. They just want to hug him and never let him go.

Yes, this pain is unbearable but now the owners make Bernard’s each day a festival. Bernard lives for this moment. He and his owners enjoy each day fully giving each other unforgettable moments.

Image by: Iain Maitl

Unfortunately Bernard will die very soon but the family wants him to live his remaining life as fully as it can be. Bernard is cheerful and the whole family supports him in every way possible.



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