Meet Amigo, An Injured Stray Dog Who Only Wanted To Be Loved

Meet Amigo, An Injured Stray Dog Who Only Wanted To Be Loved

Image: Howl Of A Dog / YouTube

Almost all animals are embodiments of kindness. They need our help and we should take care about them whenever they are in need. Of course, there are so many stray dogs, but only few of them are so lucky to find devoted owners.

It is really a wonderful thing that a dog has his forever home and is surrounded with great love and care. But there are countless stray dogs that live in awful conditions, and they are neglected and abandoned by people. It is so sad when you see how they try to find some food or just a little bit warm place to spend their damned days.

Their eyes are so sorrowful and you read only this in their eyes ”Please don’t ignore me”. This story is a perfect example of the fact that animals like people have soul and just want to be loved.  They are ready to share their unconditional love with people, and you are the one to give them a chance to show their loyalty and warmth. Like humans animals can also be injured severely and will need a medical cure.

Amigo was a stray dog. You could see him wandering in industrial areas. He was in such a hopeless condition that you couldn’t walk away without thinking about him. One of his paws was injured seriously and the wound was still open. When he was rescued it was still bleeding. You could see his small blood spots on the road he was roaming around.

Besides this, there were also many other scars on his legs. There were people that tried to help him bringing some food. Whenever they saw this poor dog they gave him some meals to eat. But of course, it was not enough for this abandoned animal. He should find other ways for surviving. He had to forage through garbage for food. He wanted to find some leftovers. But these searches had a bad effect on his health. Unfortunately the sharp edges of a tin can had cut his tongue causing hurt to him. But what could he do? It was the only way he could keep his body and soul together. 

Now Amigo is in safe and loveable hands. The nonprofit organization called ”Howl of a Dog” rescued him and gave him the long awaited love. He has been neutered and has all his vaccines up to date. The new owners gave him a shelter and provided him with a medical care. Amigo is now healthy and so playful. He is 1.5 years old and has a medium size. He is very friendly and plays with everybody – be it an animal or a human. Under this new home he found his peace as the rescue charity did everything to vanish his dark days. Sure, Amigo was very lucky to find such loving people.

Amigo and many other dogs like him really deserve great love. They are ready to be devoted to their owners sharing all the love they have. Help such dogs as much as you can, show them your kind heart and who knows, maybe one day they will rescue you, too.




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