This Lucky Dog Survives After Being Run Over By 13 Trains

This Lucky Dog Survives After Being Run Over By 13 Trains

Everybody has heard the adage about a cat having nine lives, but this dog has them beat by defying death 13 times when he got hit, not by one train, but by 13 trains in one day. On February 17, Lucky Loki (a nickname that is well deserved) escaped out of his owner’s yard and wandered to a nearby train track, where he was hit by a train.


Unable to move, 12 more trains ran him over before someone realized he was still alive. He was immediately rushed to emergency care, where he received the needed treatment.

According to Loki’s owner’s, the Rossi family, their other dog, Rosie, managed to open the latch on the back fence and walked out with Loki following behind. Somehow, Loki managed to wander toward some train tracks, where he was hit by the first train around 10:30am. By 4:30pm the 13th train had ran the poor the dog over. Luckily, the train conductor of the last train saw Loki move his head. After realized the poor pooch was still alive, he immediately called for help and Loki was rushed to WestVet Animal Emergency Center in Boise, Idaho.

After searching for hours, the Rossi family received a call informing them that their dog, who was identified by his microchip, was in intensive care after being hit by a train. The family feared the worst, and drove to the center to say goodbye to their furry family member. They described the thought of having to saying good bye to Loki as the one of the most emotional experiences they had to go through.

When the family walked through the doors toward their gravely injured pet to love him and say their good byes, Loki looked up at them and smiled. That’s when they decided that if Loki was willing to fight for his life, they would do everything in their power to give him a fighting chance and bring him back home.

After extensive surgery, Loki ended up losing eye, left hind leg and tail. He also suffered severe head trauma and several lacerations and perforations in his sinuses. The good news is that Loki not only survived the traumatic incident, but he is now home with his loving family, getting better every day.

Loki still has a lot of obstacles and therapy he has to get through. He is now adapting and learning how to walk with three legs and eating on his own. The father, Ryan Rossi told ABC news that he was moving more and more every day and is adapting very quickly. Loki is lucky in more ways than one, he has a loving family that continues to support him and love him, giving the canine the motivation to continue his fight.


This incredible story of survival is almost unbelievable, but it shows what an animal can do if it has the heart and courage to fight. This is a lesson we could learn from, no matter how bad things look, as long as you hang in there and fight, there is always a chance.