Kleptoparasites: 10 Animals That Steal From Others

Western Gull (Larus occidentalis)

I never realized that you can look through their beaks. I think this is a adult Western Gull (Larus occidentalis). I don’t think the California Gull (Larus californicus) has red in its beak.

Update: This looks a lot like a Western Gull photo I found on on Wikipedia, so I’m happy with my identification.

I want to get some bird shots that are as good as many of the others I see on Flickr.


Some states have official state birds with the state name in the birds name: there is the California Quail (Callipepla californica); Gallus gallus is called both the Blue Hen of Delaware and the Rhode Island Red Chicken; there is the Nēnē or Hawaiian Goose (Branta sandvicensis) and the (South) Carolina Wren (Thryothorus ludovicianus).

I find it amusing that Utah’s state bird has another state’s name in the bird’s name: California Gull, Larus californicus.

Balboa Pier, Balboa, California.