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Kleptoparasites: 10 Animals That Steal From Others


Kleptoparasites: 10 Animals That Steal From Others

Kleptoparasitism is a way of feeding where one animal steals prey from another that has caught, killed or prepared the prey, including food that has been stored. Using sly foraging strategy, animal thieves steal food already procured by other animals. If you have ever experienced that a seagull grabbed a sandwich from your picnic at the beach, you’ve played host to a kleptoparasite. But seagull is not the only one, of course. Check out the rest of these animal thieves.

1. Chinstrap Penguins

20090113- SJM 3797Photo by nomis-simon

Named for their unique facial markings the chinstrap penguins are one of the most easily recognized penguin species and one of only 2 species; the other is the royal penguin, with extensive white on the face. These penguin species are one of the most aggressive ones and will fight when the breeding season comes, mostly with individuals they see as competition for nesting sites. But this charming chinstrap detail was designed to mimic a smile to distract from the fact that these cute little penguins are known for robbing nest materials and use for their own.


While most common kleptoparasitism behavior refers to animals that steal food from others, taking materials from shelter gains this penguin a status of a hard criminal in animal world.

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