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Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting This Friendly Fish for 25 Years


Japanese Diver Has Been Visiting This Friendly Fish for 25 Years


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This is a story about an incredible friendship between a man and a fish.For 25 years, an Asian sheepshead wrasse living off the coast of Japan ,has been visiting diver Hiroyuki Arakawa whenever he goes to tend an underwater Shinto shrine near Tateyama in Chiba prefecture.

Hiroyuki Arakawa runs a dive shop near Hasama Underwater Park and manages the shrine in the park and consistently reports his meetings with the friendly wrasse, named Yoriko, on his Facebook page, Inhabitat reported. As he does his work, the large Asian sheepshead wrasse fish swims right by his side keeping him company in the dark depths of the bay.


Mr. Arakawa sometimes greets Yoriko with a kiss when they meet.  Yoriko also turns up from time to time when he brings divers to see the shrine. The Asian sheepshead wrasse is native to the Western Pacific Ocean. It is a pinkish-grey fish with humps on its forehead and chin. The greatest weight recorded for this species of wrasse is about 15kg and reportedly can reach about 1m in length. It is known to live in rocky reef areas, according to Asia One.

Although it was not easy, Mr. Arakawa will take off his diving glasses and held his breath for a while to kiss Yoriko. Even though fish have very blank faces, you can tell Yoriko is different to Mr. Arakawa because it doesn’t swim away as most fish would when a human approaches. Although Arakawa came with another group of divers Yoriko would appear.

The best moment of their relationship can be seen in this video where these cute friends share a kiss upon greeting. Although fish are not usually considered to have feelings, this is actually not true. A recent study has found that fish are smarter and more social than previously believed.


We only need to take one look at this long term friendship of Arakawa and Yoriko for proof.



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